About Us – Now (Retail)

The Manhattan Project is an active and friendly Team of casual players in the game World of Warcraft. The people within the team make up the Alliance Guild on the Durotan-US and Ysera-US servers, which are linked. Currently the Guild is progressing through the game on Mythic Dungeon and Raid content. While we are active in these dungeon groups, the guild is always recruiting more folks who desire a casual friendly guild that promotes a leisurely gameplay style. Guildmates are often eager to help others attain the status they want so they can be a contributing member of the party.

The guild currently has 8 bank tabs full of BfA items used to help fellow guild members in their game.

When in dungeons and raids, we use TeamSpeak to communicate with other party members via voice chat. Our TeamSpeak service is provided at no cost to its members and can support up to 64 players at one time.

If you are interested in joining the Manhattan Project, please use the Guild Application button above. Alternatively, you can reach out to anyone in the guild that is currently online. All members are capable of inviting others to the guild.