You are banned from the Forum

You have been redirected to this page so that we may further explain the reason for your ban. Currently your account has been banned from the forum for a period of two weeks. Our policy for less than amicable separation from the guild has established this ban as a cooling off period for the user.

The reason for this ban is because one or more of the following has happened:
1). You were removed from the guild by an officer for violating our Guild Rules; or
2). You left the guild in a manner that was less than admirable, (i.e. ragequit) or before you could be kicked for violating the Guild Rules; or
3). You left the guild without any explanation and refuse to speak to an officer regarding the reason you are leaving.

Whenever there is a situation that results in forceful separation between a player and the guild, regardless of who initiates it, the guild has a policy on certain steps it must take to protect the community within. Our first policy is to make sure there is complete separation between the player and our guild so there is no malice involved toward either party, or so that malice is minimal. Part of this process of minimizing malice is to allow the player a few weeks to cool off before being allowed back onto the forums as a guest, in hopes that they will be settled with the position they are in after leaving the guild.

This ban is by no means permanent and will be lifted automatically after two weeks from the date the ban was initiated. However if after the two weeks ban is lifted, malice continues to come from you, the Forum user as a guest of the guild, a new ban will be issued and that ban will be permanent.

We thank you for your understanding in this situation and hope you will find your place in your future endeavors within the game.