Raiding Team A – Roster

Page Audited: 3-May-2019
Raid Team A meets on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings to raid between 9-11:30 PM server time. (Eastern)
Team A Raid Leader is (Hildy) Zunah / Clarra
The Current Roster is as follows:


Tank Zunah
Tank Help
Healer Stranding
Healer Magikárp
Healer Patatanka
MDPS Brunt
MDPS Coneria
MDPS Eluanna
RDPS Gashester
RDPS Hoopyjones
RDPS Dooknookem
RDPS Arnakin
RDPS Eystaan

If you wish to express an interest in participating in this Raid group, please visit the Team A recruitment Thread in our raiding discussion forums.