Teamspeak User Rules

As with any service provided by The Manhattan Project, rules are practical and common sense. But because we want to be fair, this is an outline for those who do not understand neither practical nor common sense.

Conduct yourselves accordingly.
This is a family-oriented guild that enjoys each others’ company while playing a video game. Therefore it is expected that all users of Teamspeak show the other users the respect and civilized behavior you would demonstrate to your family and friends. As a friendly environment, no one should feel compelled to make another person uncomfortable even in jest. Therefore if you harass a player repeatedly and they ask you to stop, then you need to drop the subject and move on to something a little more engaging such as Fishing or the upcoming Brewfest season. Serious levels of harassment will get you banned from the Teamspeak server.

The occasional leak of a profane word is tolerated. But if you have come into a Teamspeak channel exclusively to exercise your limited vocabulary, you will be banned.

Certain channels are established for groups who are engaged in a focused event such as a Raid dungeon or a Battleground. If you are a member of these focus groups, the channel is yours to use as you see fit. The leader of your group is also the moderator of the chat channel unless otherwise designated. However if you are not a member of the focus group, it is considered impolite to enter the channel without first obtaining permission from a member of the group. We have a special place for people who knowingly enter a channel for the sole intent of disturbing a group.

If you are a channel moderator, that means you have certain permissions that allow you to mute or remove players. If you have to use either of those abilities on a player more than once, please report it to a Guild Officer.