TeamSpeak is one of several Voice Chat systems used by a network of people who require live, real-time duplex communication with others in the network. The Manhattan Project has always used TeamSpeak as their chat service.

The TeamSpeak client is free to download and use. Simply go to the Teamspeak website and click on Downloads and select either the x64 client, or the x86 client if you have an older computer. (64-bit, or 32-bit)
Also if you prefer, you can also set it up on your mobile device by using Teamspeak 3 for Android ($1.99) or Teamspeak 3 for iPhone. ($4.99)

Once you have successfully downloaded the client, run the installer and click next until finished. During the installation, it will ask you if you are installing this for just yourself or everyone on the computer. Unless you actively use multiple accounts and do not want the other person(s) to use Teamspeak, then go ahead and select “All Accounts” that way it will not add any security lockouts that would become a problem in the future.

After a successful installation, you will need to set up your Teamspeak client to use our server. The server info is and there is no password or port number required to log in. (If no port number is given, it will select the default port number which is the acceptable port)
You should then be prompted for a User name. Please enter your main Guild player name. If you are a guest, please use the name of the character which you will be joining us on.

Once you hit log on, It will put you in the main channel which is a quiet-zone, meaning no one can talk or type in that channel. You will need to move to a different channel to utilize the talk or text features. Channels are no longer password-protected. It is preferred that the text function not be used at all given the players are already in-game and can be texted there instead.

If none of the channels suits you, then you may create your own channel by simply right-clicking on “the Manhattan Project” channel and create channel. It will open a dialog box asking what you want to name your channel and what password you are using. You will need to give it a password. This creates a temporary channel, which means once the channel room is empty, it will delete itself.